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Silicone products production process and product size and characteristics

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Update time : 2023-01-03 22:40:36
Silicone production process Material shape and color After color matching, the milky white silica gel is replaced with various colors.After mixing and forming, the raw materials are pressed into strips and cut into strips.Vulcanization molding Trim, trim, check, and package.Finish drawing Limit size: 15-20MM in thick places, 30mm in spherical shape. The recommended thickness for general thickness does not exceed 3 mm. When it is larger than 3MM, it will take more curing time and increase the cost. Thin processing can reach 0.2MM, but the design is generally 0.3mm thin, 0.4MM is recommended. B. Relative size: In terms of thickness difference, it is recommended that the thickness and thickness should not exceed 3 times. These problems are mainly determined by the temperature and pressure requirements of the material vulcanization. C, shrinkage rate. The shrinkage of the silicone material is related to the hardness of the material. Most of the auxiliary materials provided by the manufacturer are between 1.022 and 1.042. 

For materials from 40 to 50 degrees, a shrinkage of 1.03 is typically used. Compared to plastics, silicone products do not produce similar apparent defects due to shrinkage. D. Dimensional Accuracy: Since silicone products are mostly porous, the number of holes is very large compared to plastic products. Therefore, the size control of plastic products is not convenient. The general accuracy is positive or negative 0.1, and the high precision product is plus or minus 0.05. When used with the holes and buttons of the plastic part, the gap on one side is less than 0.1 and the recommended value on the side is 0.2. E. Shape design: For rubber sleeve parts, the original drawings can be supplied to the mold factory according to the product outline drawing. The interpretation of the matching problem is determined by the mold factory. Under normal conditions, depending on the size of the product, the fit of the rubber sleeve to the product is typically a negative deviation of 0.2-0.5 on one side.

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